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Add a little stitchy goodness to your retail shop or online store. We're a woman-owned business that designs everything in-house. With playful, polished designs your customers will love our embroidery kits & gifts!


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Setting Up a Wholesale Account

Please fill out the form to submit your wholesale request. Once we review your request we'll get back to you with your account details.

Wholesale Pricing Details

After we approve your account you'll be able to login to see wholesale prices.

Minimums & MOQs

  • Opening order: $192
  • Reorder: $100
SKU Unit Minimums
  • Kits & Art Prints (1)
  • Bookmarks (5)
  • Vinyl Stickers (5)
  • All others: (3)

Are You on Faire?

Yes! We love it when you shop wholesale directly through us, but if you prefer to shop through Faire, please use this direct link!

Embroidery Kit Display Samples

We provide one free embroidery kit display sample with your first wholesale order. The exact design will be selected by me based on the designs you ordered.

Payment Methods

Once your wholesale account is set up you'll be able to place your order through our website with standard credit card payments.

If you'd like to pay by check please let us know and we can arrange that.

Shipping Details

All wholesale orders ship with a flat $5 shipping rate. Orders can take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

Product Packaging Details

Kits: Cardboard Apron Envelope with design on outside.

Pins, Needle Minders, & Stickers: Kraft paper card in cello sleeve

Do You Sell on Amazon?

Nope! You'll never have to compete with Amazon to sell Rikrack Embroidery Kits or Gifts

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Happy to help! Please fill out the form above and we can discuss any other questions you might have.