Pom Pom

Your pompom trim is precut to fit.

Bring your needle up at one end of the area you are adding trim to. Hold or pin your trim in place so that the ends line up with the design. Make diagonal stitches down the length of the trim. When you get to the end turn around and stitch diagonally back to the beginning. Crossing over the first row of stitches to create Xs as you go. Trim may overlap a bit on each side. 



Secure your thread under some of your backstitches. Bring your needle up from the back of your embroidery at the tip of the design. bring the needle through the hole of the tassel. hold the tassel down with your thumb and bring your needle over the top and back into the beginning of your stitch. Repeat twice. Secure your thread again on the back of your embroidery. 

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