Before Getting Started

  • Iron on light setting and increase the temperature if needed!!
  • Separate embroidery floss into three strands.
  • See Stitch guide & Getting Started section for more info.

Kit Details

  • Stitches used: Back Stitch, Satin Stitch and Daisy Stitch
  • Colors: DMC Ecru, 734

Stitch Details

Lines are back stitch, solid areas are satin stitch and teardrop shapes are daisy stitch. When doing the satin stitch sections, find the center of the shape for first stitched fill in with stitches until you have covered the printed area. For the leaf stems I like to do the daisy stitches first and then the backstitch stem down the center. Remember to keep the large daisy stitches loose so they stay bouncy and cover the [printed area. If you are having trouble you could use backstitch instead. You can also try french knots for the small circles if you are feeling adventurous.

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