Before Getting Started

  • Iron on light setting and increase the temperature if needed!!
  • Separate embroidery floss into three strands.
  • See Stitch guide & Getting Started section for more info.

Kit Details

  • Stitches used: Back Stitch and French Knot
  • Colors: DNC 820, 905, and 734

Stitch Details

Back Stitch for outlines. If the line is curved be sure to use multiple stitches. Be care full in areas that have a lot of stitches close together. Make sure you are not starting and stoping stitches too close together or you may cause the previous stitch to pop out or not lay flat. I like to jump around to different areas to avoid the issue.
Dots are French Knots. Be sure to check out the tutorial video in the Stitch Guide section. If you are not into french knots you can make small satin stitches over the printed dots instead.

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