Before Getting Started

  • Iron on light setting and increase the temperature if needed!!
  • Separate embroidery floss into three strands.
  • See Stitch guide & Getting Started section for more info.

Kit Details

  • Stitches Used: Back Stitch, Satin Stitch, and Seed Stitch
  • Colors: DMC Blanc, 3808, 3820 and 964

Stitch Details

You can start with any color. You may need to make your backstitches a bit smaller for tight curves. Try not to start and stop stitches too close together. For example if you are backstitching the hair and you get to the end of a line you may not want to turn around and keep going because the stitch will be too close to the previous stitch and will not lay flat. I would suggest moving over to a new section even if it uses up extra floss.

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