This kit is retired

Before Getting Started

  • Iron on light setting and increase the temperature if needed!!
  • Separate embroidery floss into three strands.
  • See Stitch guide & Getting Started section for more info.

Kit Details

  • Stitches used: cross stitch
  • Colors: Colors: DMC Ecru, yellow 3820, orange 720, blue 3808, Lt green 907, Dk green 905

Stitch Details

I love the look of cross stitch but am way to lazy to count. So I came up with my own version of a Cross Stitch floral design. Just make diagonal stitches in one direction and make a stitch that crosses over the first stitch, repeat. I like to go across one row diagonally in one color and then turn around and go back down that row crossing over the previous stitches. Your goal is to keep consistent, make all of your stitches cross on top in the same direction. So for example do all your first stitches diagonally top right to bottom left and then go over top left to bottom right.

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