Before Getting Started

  • Iron on light setting and increase the temperature if needed!!
  • Separate embroidery floss into three strands.
  • See Stitch guide & Getting Started section for more info.

Kit Details

  • Stitches used: Satin stitch, Back Stitch, Seed Stitch and Cross Stitch
  • Colors: Cosmo 702

Stitch Details

Outlines are back stitch. Start and stop stitches in corners. Look ahead to see how many similar size stitches you think will fit on the line. I recommend doing the straight lines that have gaps between the stitches the same way you do the solid lines with backstitches and not a running stitch. Rays above yes are one stitch per line.

Solid areas are Satin Stitch. Start with either center of shape and fill in one side before the other or make the first stitch the longest segment of the shape. This first stitch will be a guide for the following stitches to keep them parallel. See photos for reference.

Start circle by creating a horizontal line that goes across top section of the hoop shape. pull the tread across the shape to sign it up and then insert your needle . Use the weave of the cloth to help you visualize a straight horizontal line. This stitch will be a guide for further help keep them parallel to each other.

Next fill in the top section of the hoop shape. Then start filling in one side. When you get to the bottom of the inner circle do the same trick you did in the beginning to find a horizontal line across the bottom of the inner hoop shape. then fill in stitches above that long stitch. Fill in the bottom section of the hoop.

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