This 6x6 inch embroidery hoop kit is based on Mexican Otomi embroidery design. These happy little animals and flowers are a joy to stitch.


Use Three strands of floss  (see getting started)

Stitches: back stitch and satin stitch

Satin Stitch on or over the printed image so all you see is the stitches. These Arrows show where I would start my first stitch. Use that first stitch as a guide and try to keep your stitches parallel. 

Pre printed fabric, needle, hoop and embroidery floss included. *Separate floss into three strands

See the Stitch Guide and Getting Started for more info

Click on an image to enlarge.

Your main goal is to cover the printing with your stitches. Your piece doesn't need to look exactly like mine. Have fun with it!