Butterfly Hoop.jpg

Stitches used: Back stitch, Satin Stitch, and Seed Stitch

*Use three strands of floss

* See the Stitch Guide and Getting Started for more Info

Colors: DK Coral DMC# 351

LT Coral DMC# 353 *I recommend doing the dark first

Solid areas are Satin Stitch. Start in the center of the shape and fill in one side then the other. Use the weave of the fabric as a guide to keep stitches parallel. Make the stitches slightly bigger than the printed area so that the printing does not show.

For small areas like the antennae you can use one or two stitches. Whatever will cover the printed area.

Outlines are Back Stitch. Including the outline on the large Satin Stitch Moth on the left.

Leaf branch is Daisy Stitch for the leaves and Back Stitch for the stem.

Use Seed Stitch for the bottom right butterfly lines on body. Complete all the Satin Stitch first.

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