Starting stitches in the corners

embroidery corner start.jpg

This is my crazy lady embroidery tip. You may have seen me doing this in the Getting Started video and thought how strange?

I make two knots at the end of each section of embroidery floss before I start to stitch. I run my needle through the extra corners of my fabric from front to back. and then run my needle under the back stitches to secure the thread. I know this looks odd but it is the way I was taught embroidery when I was in college. I was told not to have knots in the back of my embroidery. This method also leaves less loose threads to deal with on the back of your hoop. If you see any loose threads get dragged up with your needle when you are stitching grab the section on stitches from the back with your fingernails and tug. This should hopefully pull the stray thread back out of the fabric. Do this as soon as you see a loose thread come though don’t wait until you have finished stitching. If it won’t pull through you can cut it very close to the fabric.

When using the start in the corner method don’t pull it too tight so that the fabric tries to wrap around behind the hoop. You can hold the fabric corner in place so that it is not pulled too tight. But if it starts getting in your way or if you have finished you piece you can cut the threads on the backside of the corner. See the Finishing the back section of the website for more info.

embroidery corner back.jpg