Pattern tracing with Frixion pen

Pen transfer.jpg

I got this tip from superstar embroidery diva Sarah K Benning. She draws her images directly on to her fabric with a Frixion gell pen. You can also use it to trace a printed pattern onto your fabric. I use a light box but you can also tape your fabric and pattern up to window glass.

Other embroidery tracing pens or pencils are designed to erase in the air or with water. The amazing thing about the pen is that the ink disappears with heat. The pen has a soft plastic nub on the end that is an eraser. It is designed to disappear with the heat of the friction of the plastic eraser on paper. BUT it also works with other sources of heat like a hot iron or a clothes dryer. Pretty cool huh?

transfer pen test.jpg

I was a little nervous about the ink disappearing entirely . Especially if I was working on an embroidery for several days. So I did a little experiment.

As you can see each day I wrote the date on a piece of cloth and then applied my hot iron to it. Was curious to see if the later dates would have difficulty erasing. But I am pleased as punch that everything disappeared entirely! The trick is to make sure you heat the entire surface fully. If you have a lot of stitches on top of the ink you need to hold the iron over that section to allow the heat to get through the layers completely.