Fiber Art Wall Hangings

So yes Rikrack is all about embroidery and embroidery kits But… I just can’t help myself. I look at all the pretty fiber things on Instagram and I came down with a bad case of fiber envy. I follow so many amazing fiber artists (future blog post) I just need to get my fingers in a pile of yarns, threads, fabrics, pompoms and tassels. I don’t actually weave but I lust after all the beautiful fringy fluffy tapestries I see on Insta. So I came up with my own version using my stash of yarns and hand dyed fabrics.

Sangria wall hanging wall.jpg
Lotus wall hanging wall.jpg

If you are in the Richmond VA area on Saturday June 1st come by Ten Thousand Villages in Carytown for a popup. I will be bringing all my wall hangings including a couple of brand new super crazy big guys.

Can’t make it? No problem you can also find them in my Etsy shop.